New Journal Paper on Water Propellant Thrusters


Our paper titled "Scaling laws for electrodeless plasma propulsion with water vapor propellant" has been published in the journal Plasma Sources Science and Technology. Read more on our publications page.

Prof. Little Awarded YIP by AFOSR


Prof. Little has been selected for an AFOSR Young Investigator Program (YIP) award to develop methods to rapidly optimize electric thrusters using new breakthroughs in data science.

New Journal Paper on Magnetic Nozzle Plasma Flows


Our paper titled "Electron Demagnetization in Magnetically Expanding Plasmas" has been published in the journal Physical Review Letters. Read more on our publications page.

SPACE Lab at the 2019 IEPC in Vienna


The SPACE Lab presented four papers this week at the 36th International Electric Propulsion Conference in Vienna, Austria. Read more on our publications page.

Diego Mejia Montano Defends MS Thesis 


Congratulations to Diego for successfully defending his Master's thesis titled, "Characterization of an Exploding Micron-wire Pulsed Plasma Thruster." Best of luck in your future endeavors!

Nadiah Jenkins Defends MS Thesis


Congratulations to Nadiah for successfully defending her Master's thesis titled, "Breathing Mode Effects on Hall Thruster Plasma Parameters and Power Loss." Best of luck at Aerojet Rocketdyne!

SPACE Lab Selected for NASA Grant 


The SPACE Lab has been selected for a NASA Dual Use Technology Development award to work with MSFC to develop "A High Repetition-Rate, Scalable, Pulsed PPU for Electric Propulsion Applications."

Charles Kelly Helps Launch A&A CubeSat Team 


Charlie has co-founded the A&A CubeSat team with the goal of launching a new CubeSat every two years. Sponsors include the A&A Department, College of Engineering, and Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation.

SPACE Lab Members Recognized for STEM Outreach


Anna and Nadiah have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to the UW Women in Aerospace (WoA) club. 

Charles Kelly Awarded NASA Fellowship


Charlie has been selected for the prestigious NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship for research on "Revolutionizing Orbit Insertion with Magnetoshell Aerocapture."

Curtis Promislow Selected for NASA Internship


Curtis has been selected for a summer internship at NASA George C. Marshall Spaceflight Center. He will be working with Dr. Kurt Polzin in the Propulsion Research and Development Laboratory.

Charles Kelly Wins IEPC Paper Competition


Charlie co-authored winning paper for the "Future of Electric Propulsion: Young Visionary Paper Competition" at the 2017 International Electric Propulsion Conference.

Anna Sheppard Awarded NSF Fellowship


Anna has been selected for the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

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